My Way: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Saving best for last is Richter whose extensive work in musicals belies her amazing facility as a nightclub chanteuse born a generation or two too late. From her first solo with a liquid “The Way You Look Tonight” to her measured phrase-by-phrase delivery of “My Funny Valentine,” her work is worth the price of admission.
— Florida Theatre On Stage
In this production, strong numbers include a shining star-quality turn by Richter as she sings Cole Porter’s “I Get a Kick out of You.” Specifically, she injects verve and confidence into her rendition.
— Theatrical Musings
Richter entrances with a slow affectionate take on “My Funny Valentine” and a bittersweet “Indian Summer.
— Palm Beach Daily News


When your blue haired, purple veined Granny shucks off her sneakers and plops down to list her all time fave lady rockers she’s gonna write Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Chrissy Hynde and all that clangerous ilk and she’d be right. But by golly, you better yell in her ear trumpet, “Hey, Granny Tats, add Sabrina Gore, Ann Marie Olson, Hannah Richter and Leah Sessa to that list.
The ever reliable Ann Marie Olson, Leah Sessa, and Sabrina Gore, along with Hannah Richter (a newcomer to South Florida audiences) could sing the heart out of a phone book, and they each bring their all to Lizzie.:
— Florida Theatre On Stage

Far From Canterbury

And then there’s Hannah Richter as Agnes, whose power pipes and stifled frustrations chemically combine to result in one of the show’s powerhouse numbers that stops the show and cements a bond with the audience who gave her perhaps the evening’s biggest and most thrilling ovation.
— Cabaret Scenes
And then she opens her mouth to belt her face off and you freeze in astonishment. Richter has booming sound that is largely unexpected and gladly accepted
— Theater in the Now

Sweeney Todd

In multiple roles, Terry Hardcastle, Christopher Holloway, Hannah Richter and Victoria Lazun add to the drama and the adroit singing of a complex score under the excellent musical direction of Manny Schvartzman
— Christine Dolen